We provide smart design, backed by right technologies.

We are focused on delivering the best user experience across all platforms and devices. Using the modern tools and workflows such as user-flows, Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi wireframes, all the way to the functional prototypes, we craft beautiful digital experiences.

A story about design process

The exploration, user flows, design, and prototypes are all pieces of the puzzle that defines your final product. Fast performance, clean visual style, and ease of use are crucial elements of every software system we are building.

It is all about researching and getting to know our clients and their users, continuously asking ourselves how we can solve their problems and craft something functionally and visually outstanding.

Two project managers walking inside the building
Our method

Explore and discover

The first phase is defining the essential information — your target audience, where you want to position yourself at the market, and where you fit in the competitive landscape. Throughout the discovery process, we will define, analyze, evaluate, and research to create a base for experience design. This is followed by creating first crude prototypes that go through a series of user experience and technical quality tests.

UX and UI design

This step involves defining the aesthetics and visual language of the project. The end product of this phase is a set of high-resolution mockups of the interface and its elements as a style guide. It defines all the necessary modules of the interface, simulates their states and behaviour and provides a base for scaling up the project without losing its visual and structural integrity.

Functional prototype

The final result of the design process is a working prototype of the interface. It is a high quality, live user interface, including all accompanying resources. It is the foundation for further development.

Test & iterate

The process can continue until all design elements of a system are perfected based on user experience tests and client's requirements
latest shots
Dribbble shot Osijek Taxi Redesign

Osijek Taxi Redesign

Dribbble shot deep learning illustration

Deep learning — UI case study card

Dribbble shot Lost in space 404 page

Lost in space — 404 exploration

Dribbble shot Pools an UI exploration

Pools — UI exploration

Dribbble shot Isometric Map Application illustration

Isometric map application

Dribbble shot of Clokke time tracker mascot

Clokke - time tracker mascot

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