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Multiple webpack builds with shared vendors
Friday, Nov 15, 2019 BY Dino Repac

This blog post aims to teach you (and remind me) how to setup multiple client application build procedures with shared vendors. We will be using Asp.Net Core 2 and Webpack (with DllPlugin) to build our client-side code. 4 Min Ready
Advantages and disadvantages of micro-ORMs
Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019 BY Emanuel Skrenkovic

Learn what sets micro and regular ORM libraries apart, and how and when to use micro-ORMs in your projects. 3 Min Ready
Getting Started With LLBLGen - Part 2: Basic CRUD queries
Saturday, Jul 21, 2018 BY Domagoj Zakanj

Second post in a series that will teach you how to write some basic CRUD queries. database 12 Min Ready
Getting Started With LLBLGen - Part 1: Project Setup
Monday, Jul 9, 2018 BY Domagoj Zakanj

First post in a series that will teach you how to use LLBLGen, an entity modeling solution and ORM framework for .NET, from scratch. database 7 Min Ready
Redis distributed locking for pragmatists
Friday, May 19, 2017 BY Kristijan Horvat

Every developer comes to a point in his career when he needs to use distributed locking. We all need a simple and easy solution, but in most cases, distributed locking is not that easy to implement. Let's find out what are our options when implementing distributed locking. 8 Min Ready
Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core
Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017 BY Helena Stjepanovic

ASP.NET Core came around as a new technology having Dependency Injection concept built in, so let's dive in to see how it works. 4 Min Ready
Model binding in ASP.NET MVC
Thursday, Feb 9, 2017 BY Kristijan Popic

Model binding is a process of mapping data sent from the browser in an HTTP request to action method parameters. It makes it easier to work with data sent by the browser because data is automatically assigned to action method parameters. 3 Min Ready
Unit of Work - a Design Pattern
Friday, Jan 13, 2017 BY Ante Ljubic

In software development, a design pattern is a reusable solution, description or a template for solving problems. Unit of work is one of them - a concept for dealing with certain issues related to database interactions.

database csharp 3 Min Ready
Building highly available applications with Amazon RDS
Wednesday, Jul 13, 2016 BY Denis Susac

A couple of months ago we have published a series of posts describing how to set up a fault tolerant infrastructure for our applications. This time, we'll learn how to use Amazon services to do the same thing while saving a lot of time. 13 Min Ready
Ninject ambient scope and deterministic dispose
Thursday, Apr 21, 2016 BY Jasmin Muharemovic

When working with Ninject, one can specify standard lifetime designators like InSingletonScope and InTransientScope in the bindings section. There are two important situations when one might want to define a custom scope - to reuse instances within the lifetime of a scope (ambient instances) and to specify a deterministic dispose of resources when a scope lifetime ends. 11 Min Ready
Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Failover Clustering - Part 4: PostgreSQL
Monday, Feb 1, 2016 BY Denis Susac

The fourth and final part of our series on failover clustering with Hyper-V, ASP.NET and PostgreSQL describes how to set up a fault-tolerant, highly available Linux virtual machine running PostgreSQL. database devops 5 Min Ready
Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Failover Clustering - Part 3: Installation
Thursday, Jan 28, 2016 BY Denis Susac

The third part of our series describing how to set up a foundation for the private cloud infrastructure describes how to install and configure failover clustering. database devops 6 Min Ready
Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Failover Clustering - Part 2: Prerequisites
Monday, Jan 25, 2016 BY Denis Susac

The second part of our series describing how to set up a foundation for the private cloud infrastructure discusses how to install the prerequisites for Windows Failover Clustering feature. database devops 6 Min Ready
JSON serialization caching
Wednesday, Oct 7, 2015 BY Darjan Bogdan

Even the fastest Json serializers are simply not fast enough for the task at hand? Have no fear, there is a way to enhance the overall performance of the serialization process. 7 Min Ready
Windows Server 2012 clustering for high availability, with ASP.NET and PostgreSQL - Part 1
Friday, Sep 4, 2015 BY Denis Susac

Recently we have spent a lot of time setting up a foundation for the private cloud infrastructure that will be used for "in-house" installations of our applications. Here is what we've learned during the process.

Azure compute emulator port mapping issue
Monday, May 5, 2014 BY Igor Drazic

How I've dealt with Azure compute port mapping issue when running a WebRole application in Azure compute emulator with two or more instances. 2 Min Ready
Delegates in action, part 2: ASP.NET password encryption
Monday, Jun 10, 2013 BY Ivan Marusic

Here is a real-world example of a task that is beyond the scope of standard SQL scripts. We will change the ASP.NET membership password format in MonoX and take care of the existing entries.

database 1 Min Ready
Adding ASP.NET SimpleMembership to an existing MVC 4 application
Tuesday, May 7, 2013 BY Dalibor Mesaric

Even though there is an MVC 4 template that contains membership functionality, there are scenarios in which you will want to start from scratch. This article explains how to add SimpleMembership infrastructure to an existing project. csharp 1 Min Ready
ASP.NET WebAPI, APNS and Android working together
Friday, Feb 1, 2013 BY Mario Madzar

This post describes the application I recently created to send the location of an Android device to Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). We will use a nice mix of technologies, including ASP.NET WebAPI and Xamarin's Mono for Android.

xamarin android 7 Min Ready