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The magic of TOR
Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020 BY David Petric

Enter the world of Onions! Find out more on TOR itself, its philosophy and network design. Comparison with VPNs and usage guide with tips are included.

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Broadcomm NIC + Windows 2012 R2 + VMQ enabled = horror instead of performance benefit
Friday, Feb 7, 2020 BY Ivan Kalafatic

Recently, I was working a lot with several VM's (running Windows 2012 R2) on Hyper-V host and I noticed some weird network latency issues.

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Upgrade from PostgreSQL 10 to PostgreSQL 11
Monday, Nov 11, 2019 BY Ivan Kalafatic

During this year, I had to upgrade (migrate) several PostgreSQL servers. In order to reduce room for error (remember Murphy's law), I wrote this blog post, which will, hopefully, serve as future reference, both for myself and for people which will have to do the same.

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Multiple BMS Monitor
Thursday, Nov 15, 2018 BY Mario Madzar

In some of our previous articles, we utilized BUS systems on some old ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars using serial communication to upgrade their functionality and make them more usable. This time, we will create an app to monitor and control one of the main parts of an electric car - car battery.

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Building Arduino powered Nixie Clock
Monday, Aug 27, 2018 BY Ivan Kalafatic

In this blog post, I won’t talk about JavaScript, C#, or ASP.NET. Instead, I’ll go a level (or two) _lower_ and talk about good old Nixie tubes and how to build a clock using them along with Arduino’s almighty power.

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When simple errors lead to huge consequences
Wednesday, May 2, 2018 BY Ivan Kalafatic

A real-life story on how we discovered a major security flaw in the online banking system of one of our nation's biggest financial institutions and what we learned from it.

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Web.config transformation on the fly and custom publish actions
Friday, Sep 8, 2017 BY Igor Drazic

Multiple configurations in VS projects are important for big projects. Having to change and maintain configuration files can be a nightmare if done manually, and it's prone to errors. This is where Web.config transformation feature comes in.

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Hacking BMW K-BUS with Raspberry PI
Friday, Jun 16, 2017 BY Mario Madzar

In one of our previous articles, we used Raspberry Pi to upgrade media player in the car. This time we'll use it to make a true IoT device.

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Hacking BMW I-BUS With Raspberry PI
Thursday, Dec 1, 2016 BY Mario Madzar

With credit card-sized computers being widely available, putting one in a car and using it as a media player becomes pretty easy. That way we can focus on other challenges, like using original car radio display and buttons for controlling it - instead of putting in aftermarket components and messing with the original dashboard layout.

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Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Failover Clustering - Part 4: PostgreSQL
Monday, Feb 1, 2016 BY Denis Susac

The fourth and final part of our series on failover clustering with Hyper-V, ASP.NET and PostgreSQL describes how to set up a fault-tolerant, highly available Linux virtual machine running PostgreSQL. database devops 5 Min Ready
Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Failover Clustering - Part 3: Installation
Thursday, Jan 28, 2016 BY Denis Susac

The third part of our series describing how to set up a foundation for the private cloud infrastructure describes how to install and configure failover clustering. database devops 6 Min Ready
Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Failover Clustering - Part 2: Prerequisites
Monday, Jan 25, 2016 BY Denis Susac

The second part of our series describing how to set up a foundation for the private cloud infrastructure discusses how to install the prerequisites for Windows Failover Clustering feature. database devops 6 Min Ready
Windows Server 2012 clustering for high availability, with ASP.NET and PostgreSQL - Part 1
Friday, Sep 4, 2015 BY Denis Susac

Recently we have spent a lot of time setting up a foundation for the private cloud infrastructure that will be used for "in-house" installations of our applications. Here is what we've learned during the process.

The Geek Gathering
Monday, May 19, 2014 BY Denis Susac

This year's The Geek Gathering conference has just finished, the impressions have settled and we have received feedback from both attendees and speakers. Mono is in charge of the program - see what we covered this year.

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Building Windows Azure Media Services async CORS enabled upload
Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014 BY Tihomir Kit

How to build Windows Azure Media Services async CORS enabled upload page? Complete workflow explained - from creating a new WAMS account to encoding and embedding a video. Follow along our fully working demo app.

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Managing Azure CORS rules
Saturday, Dec 28, 2013 BY Tihomir Kit

Making sense of Azure CORS rules, allowing you to use Azure blobs, queues and tables directly from your client-side tools. Comes with a full source code for our azure-cors-rule-manager tool.

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How to prevent data loss during delete update in SQL Server
Monday, Apr 22, 2013 BY Goran Pavlovic

Making database backups prior to update/delete operations is the only way that ensures painless recovery of mistakenly deleted data. Here are a few tips that could save some time and money in the process.

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SQL Tips & Tricks: changing column values in multiple tables
Friday, Mar 8, 2013 BY Ivan Marusic

Learn how to write a simple SQL script that modifies all fields with a specified name and type from all tables in a database.

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Installing Redmine and Ubuntu on VirtualBox
Monday, Jan 7, 2013 BY Mario Madzar

In this post I'll address some issues I came across while trying to prepare the environment for Redmine 2.1.4 with Ruby 1.9.3 and RubyOnRails 3.2.9 running on VirtualBox.

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